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Old Champaran Mutton House is a very famous brand for Ahuna Handi Mutton, Chicken Handi, Mutton Istu etc. We also serve one of the best Non-veg delicacies Thali for non-veg food lover. We always offer a mind-blowing range of Thalis which are prepared by our expert chefs.

Ahuna Handi Mutton

Champaran meat, also known as Ahunahandi meat or batlohi, is a dish with its root in Champaran, a district of Bihar. Meat is marinated in a mix of mustard oil and ghee, garlic, onions, and ginger with a paste of spices. The mouth of the handi (earthenware pot) is sealed with kneaded flour. It is cooked slowly on a low flame of a wood fire and tossed continuously while cooking. The taste and cooking time depend on the quality of the meat.